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Pronoun Antecedent Agreement
Answer Key

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The man is eating _ lunch./his,its/his The boy always listens to _ mother./her,his/his My uncle asked me to cut _ grass./her,his/his My aunt asked me to paint _ house./its,her/her Where is Jennifer? We can't find _./her,us/her The woman painted _ toenails./her,their/her The girl has a kitten that _ loves./it,she/she Maria is absent because _ is sick./he,she/she The player shot the puck and _ scored!/it,she/she That tire is heavy. Don't lift _./it,them/it I have one computer. _ is a laptop./It,They/It There was only one piece of mail and _ was a bill./it,they/it A dog is very loyal to _ owner./its,their/its The cat is licking _ fur./its,their/its The tree lost all of _ leaves in the fall./its,their/its The trees lose all of _ leaves in the fall./its,their/their Dogs are very loyal to _ owners./its,their/their The girls put on _ coats./her,their/their The boxes are heavy. Don't lift _./it,them/them When the players won we cheered for _./it,them/them Where are the books? We can't find _./it,them/them Two letters came in the mail and _ were bills./it,they/they The sisters won't be here because _ are sick./she,they/they I have two computers. _ are both laptops./It,They/They