Making Words with Prefixes and Suffixes Worksheet

Guess the mystery word.
Hint: Every mystery word has a prefix or a suffix.

WordDefinition Clue
re root again un not root dis opposite of root pre root ahead mis root incorrectly im not root ful with or full of root less without root ly in a root way er someone who roots est the most root

care-ful pain-ful fear-ful hope-ful thought-ful use-ful cheer-ful blame-less use-less hope-less pain-less fear-less care-less sight-less taste-less shy-ly heart-less careless-ly brave-ly glad-ly quick-ly quiet-ly careful-ly soft-ly slow-ly sad-ly paint-er work-er farm-er play-er read-er spell-er think-er hunt-er climb-er great-est quick-est poor-est high-est low-est sharp-est tall-est rich-est
re-do re-write re-read re-build re-fill re-wind re-view un-kind un-safe un-happy un-selfish un-usual un-done un-lucky dis-appear dis-agree dis-respect dis-approve dis-honest dis-order dis-obey dis-respect pre-view pre-heat mis-behave mis-read mis-handle mis-hear mis-identify mis-judge mis-pronounce mis-represent mis-spell mis-understand mis-use im-possible im-patient im-polite