Clues for Long O Sound Crossword Puzzle


1. Something to put your cereal in. Or what you can do with a heavy ball and some pins at an alley.

3. Put something away in its place.

6. Do this with needle, thread and cloth. Sounds like 35 Down

7. What you might say to show surprise or to interrupt. Same as 2 Down.

8. What the wind does.

10. Run your hand along or a style of swimming - He swam the back ____ in the relay race.

12. A shape like an egg or flattened circle

13. Wants, wishes for it to happen - He _____ you guess this word.

15. Oral, said aloud

17. Before, earlier - It happened a long time ____.

18. You have one in the middle of your face.

20. The past tense of STEAL

22. The opposite of SHUT or CLOSE

23. A grain or cereal that horses like and that's good for you too!

24. What the O stands for in IOU - to need to pay. Sounds like 2 Down.

26. Wets by putting in water

28. Sum, all

31. Shoot it from a bow at a target.

32. Lions or bears or foxes might live in one of these

34. They're big and scary like trolls

36. A very strong wind storm with a funnel shape

37. Street, sounds like the past tense of RIDE


1. Takes something that belongs to somebody else and returns it later.

2. What you might say to show surprise or to interrupt. Sounds like 24 Across and a certain letter

3. Slant, be on an angle, a hill side

4. Use this to pay for a subway or bus ride. Something that looks like a coin and is used in place of money.

5. Still has to pay - a form of 24 Across

6. You need this and water to wash your hands.

8. Out of money or what happened to something that fell to the floor.

9. A sweet treat with a hole in the middle

11. Plural of that - not these, ______.

14. Put this on to keep warm when it's cold.

15. The white flakes that fall from the sky

16. A word that might follow North, South or fishing!

19. More than more

21. It's red, grows on a vine, and you may find a slice of one on a sandwich.

22. Kind of tree that grows from a little acorn

25. Used oars to make the boat go

26. A white powder for baking or a bubbly drink, ____ pop

27. A display or presentation, for example, a TV ____

29. Above or done

30. Something heavy to carry or move

33. Opposite of YES

35. Very - I am __ happy! Sounds like 6 Across

Answer Key

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