Write Animal Fathers and Babies

The names of some animal fathers or babies are missing.

Animal Father Baby
bear boar cub
cat tom kitten

Happy Father's Day!

Fill in the empty boxes above with these words.

bear, boar, cub
buffalo, bull, calf
cat, tom, kitten
chicken, rooster, chick
deer, stag, fawn
donkey, jack, foal
duck, drake, duckling
goat, billy, kid
goose, gander, gosling
horse, stallion, foal
pig, boar, piglet
rabbit, buck, bunny
sheep, ram, lamb
swan, cob, cygnet
turkey, tom, poult
whale, bull, calf
zebra, stallion, foal

Then write them in the blanks in the sentences below.

Father's Day is the third Sunday in June.

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