Adjectives with -ed and -ing Endings

Pick the best adjective.

She was _ to see him on the news./0/surprised,surprising Feeling very _, he went to bed./0/tired,tiring I found that movie _./1/terrified,terrifying It's _ to see her so happy./1/surprised,surprising Working hard all day is _./1/tired,tiring She was so _, she left the scary movie early./0/terrified,terrifying The book I am reading is very _./1/interested,interesting He finds history class very _./1/bored,boring She was very _ listening to that long speech./0/bored,boring My sister is very _ in astronomy./0/interested,interesting This cold, cloudy weather is _./1/depressed,depressing I'm so _. What is going on?/0/confused,confusing She is _ of spiders./0/frightened,frightening I am _ in my test score./0/disappointed,disappointing He feels too _ to leave the house./0/depressed,depressing The instructions were very _ to me./1/confused,confusing How _ that she won't be visiting./1/disappointed,disappointing This soccer game is very _./1/excited,exciting I'm _ that she did something so silly./0/shocked,shocking I'm quite _ about the game tomorrow./0/excited,exciting The coach is very _ with my progress./0/satisfied,satisfying Scoring a goal is _./1/thrilled,thrilling She is _ with her test scores./0/pleased,pleasing I'm _ about forgetting his name./0/embarrassed,embarrassing He is _ that she forgot his name./0/insulted,insulting It was _ to her when he forgot her name./1/insulted,insulting My mother was _ when I scored a goal./0/thrilled,thrilling Freshly baked bread is a _ smell./1/pleased,pleasing I forget your name. How _!/1/embarrassed,embarrassing I am _ to break my diet when offered cake./0/tempted,tempting During the holidays, it is _ to overeat./1/tempted,tempting I'm very _ to meet you./0/pleased,pleasing It is _ when people talk during a show./1/annoyed,annoying The coach was _ when Mel was late for practice./0/annoyed,annoying It was _ to hear that our team won./1/excited,exciting Learning English grammar can be _./1/frustrated,frustrating Luc was _ to try skydiving./0/terrified,terrifying He is _ of doing the same thing every day./0/bored,boring Finn was _ to hear about the earthquake./0/shocked,shocking My dog feels _ during thunderstorms./0/frightened,frightening It was _ when lightning hit our house./1/frightened,frightening You must be _ after running a marathon./0/exhausted,exhausting A good meal is very _./1/satisfied,satisfying His mother gets _ when he's out late./0/worried,worrying It's _ to read that the economy is getting worse./1/worried,worrying She loves a _ bath./1/relaxed,relaxing Her grandfather is very laid back and _./0/relaxed,relaxing He's _ about why he was cut from the team./0/puzzled,puzzling

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