Verb Tenses Worksheet

Use the past and future perfect and other verb tenses.
Answer key included. Recommended level: 5th Grade


Select the best verb form:


1. By the time Juliana got home, her father ________ dinner.

    cooks          will cook         had cooked


2. In 2040 I ________ a club member for 30 years.

    was          had been         will have been


3. By tomorrow afternoon Liam ________ his third test.

    will have finished          finished         has finished


4. While Luis ________ a movie, his friend studied.

    watched         is watching         has watched


5. If you ________ harder, you would have passed the test.

    study          will study         had studied


6. It rained, and I wish I ________ my umbrella.

    was taking        had taken        will take


7. The children ________ for 10 minutes when the teacher arrived.

    are fighting        will fight        had been fighting


8. Charlie ________ to go to Mexico for a long time.

    has been wanting         is wanting         will want


9. Joey ________ her driver's test twice before she finally passed it yesterday.

    tries          had tried         will try


10. By next year I ________ 1,000 bonus points.

     collected         have collected         will have collected


11. By the time the plane landed, the weather ________.

     is clearing           had cleared         will clear


12. They were very hungry when they arrived because they ________.

     haven't eaten        hadn't eaten        will have eaten

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