Verb Tenses Worksheet

Use the past and future perfect and other verb tenses.
Answer key included. Recommended level: 5th Grade and up


Select the best verb form:


1. Cici ________ here from Hong Kong last year.

    moved          had moved         will move


2. By tomorrow I ________ 100 pages of the book.

    read          had read         will have read


3. They ________ in Atlanta for more than ten years.

    are living          have lived         will have lived


4. Jay ________ a bike for a long time.

    has been wanting         is wanting         will want


5. She ________ to a movie tomorrow night.

    goes          is going         has gone


6. While he ________ for the bus, it rained.

    is waiting        was waiting        will be waiting


7. You ________ Italian, by the time you return from Italy.

    are mastering        mastered        will have mastered


8. Mike ________ the book you gave him for his birthday.

    loved         had loved         was loving


9. Gina ________ for weeks before she finally did a good back flip.

    practices          had practiced         will have practiced


10. By next year, I ________ the course.

     completed         have completed         will have completed


11. By the time you arrived, I ________ for hours.

     am waiting          had been waiting         will wait


12. The house was built in the spot where the old cottage ________.

     was        had been        will have been

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