Verb Tenses Worksheet

Use the present, past, and future verb tenses.
Answer key included. Recommended level: 3rd Grade


Select the best verb form:


1. We ________ to London last year.

    go         will go         went


2. Yesterday she ________ on the ice.

    slips          slipped         will slip


3. They ________ in Toronto for two years.

    are living          live         lived


4. Tomorrow he ________ to Miami.

    has traveled        traveled         will travel


5. Mice ________ peanut butter.

    love          are loving         loved


6. Don't bother Tim while he ________.

    is driving        will drive        drove


7. When Jen was in Canada she ________ skiing.

    goes        will go        went


8. Right now Niki ________ on the phone.

    is         was         will be


9. Call back later. Ella ________ home soon.

    is         was         will be


10. Blake ________ his homework last night.

     finished         has finished        will finish


11. When my mother was young, there ________ no computers.

     are          were         will be


12. By the time she gets here, lunch ________ over.

     is        was        will be

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