Word Problems Worksheet - Comparing

Draw a picture. Then answer.

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NAME1 has X books. NAME2 has Y books. Who has more books?*NAME1*NAME2*MAX*books NAME1 picks X apples. NAME2 picks Y. Who picks more apples, NAME1 or NAME2?*NAME1*NAME2*MAX*apples NAME1 eats X apples. NAME2 eats Y. Who eats fewer apples, NAME1 or NAME2?*NAME1*NAME2*MIN*apples NAME1 reads X books. NAME2 reads Y books. Who reads fewer books?*NAME1*NAME2*MIN*books This week I eat X apples. Last week I ate Y apples. When did I eat more apples?*This week*Last week*MAX*apples This week I read X books. Last week I read Y. Did I read more books this week or last week?*This week*Last week*MAX*books NAME1 counts X apples and Y oranges. Are there more apples or oranges?*Apples*Oranges*MAX*applesAndoranges NAME1 draws X apples and Y oranges. Does NAME1 draw fewer apples or fewer oranges?*Oranges*Circles*MIN*applesAndoranges NAME1 has X hats. NAME2 has Y hats. Who has more hats?*NAME1*NAME2*MAX*hats NAME1 sees X cars. NAME2 sees Y. Who sees fewer cars?*NAME1*NAME2*MIN*cars NAME1 went to X houses on Halloween. NAME2 went to Y. Who went to more houses?*NAME1*NAME2*MAX*houses This year I went to X houses on Halloween. Last year I went to Y. When did I go to more houses?*This year*Last year*MAX*houses There are X boys and Y girls in the room. Are there more boys or girls in the room?*Boys*Girls*MAX*boysAndgirls X boys come in. Y girls join them. Are there fewer girls or boys?*Boys*Girls*MIN*boysAndgirls X children are in NAME1's class. Y are in NAME2's. Who has the bigger class?*NAME1*NAME2*MAX*boys NAME1 hands me X books. NAME2 hands me Y. Who gives me more books?*NAME1*NAME2*MAX*books I drank X cups of milk yesterday. Today I drink Y. Did I drink more yesterday or today?*Yesterday*Today*MAX*cups NAME1 drinks X cups of milk. NAME2 drinks Y. Who drinks less milk?*NAME1*NAME2*MIN*cups On Monday she drinks X cups of milk. On Tuesday she drinks Y. When did she drink less milk?*Monday*Tuesday*MIN*cups