Subject Verb Agreement Worksheet

Pick the correct verb to agree with the subject.

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The sun is one of the stars that _ light to the planets./0/gives,give None of the group _ missing./0/is,are Either the flight director or the astronauts _ at fault./1/is,are A group of astronomers _ meeting today./0/is,are Most of the stars _ billions of years to burn out./1/takes,take Everyone with binoculars _ craters on the moon./0/sees,see One of the planets _ a year to complete an orbit./0/takes,take All the reports on the mission _ on the desk./1/sits,sit Every one of the other planets _ denser than Saturn./0/is,are All students in that class _ the stars./1/studies,study Astronomy club members _ with evening viewings./1/helps,help Someone from the astronomy club _ the telescope./0/uses,use