Language Arts Worksheets:

5th Grade Worksheets to Match Each Question:

1. Long E Vowels

2. Long I Vowels

3. Long O Vowels

4. Punctuation - Commas

5. Spelling - al, el, le Endings

6. Spelling - Root Words

7. Spelling - Vocab PH Words

8. Subject Verb Agreement

9. Verb Tenses

Language Arts Skills Testing and Assessment
for 5th Grade

Questions from 9 different 5th Grade Language Arts topics
Answer key included. Recommended level: 5th Grade


1. Here is a clue for a 6-letter word with a long E sound:

winter or spring, for example:  __ __ __ __ __ __


2. Here is a clue for a 5-letter word with a long I sound:

the opposite of heavy:  __ __ __ __ __


3. Here is a clue for a 5-letter word with a long O sound:

the past tense of steal:  __ __ __ __ __


4. Add in the missing commas.

" The  question  is  "  said  Joe  " what  will  you  do  now ? "

"  We  grow  wheat  corn  and  barley  "  said  the  farmer .

Mr.  Chan  the  teacher  always  arrives  early  for  class .

5. Choose the right ending for each of these words:   -al   -el  or   -le

bicyc___        ped___        shov___        troub___        


6. Complete the missing words using the root words as a clue.

root word: uni = one

To be in uni_ _ _ is to do the same thing at the same time.

root word: vis = see

Something that cannot be seen is  _ _vis_ _ _ _ .


7. Complete the missing words.

G _ _ _ _ _ph_ is the study of natural features of the world.

A ph_ _ _ _ _ _ph is an image you produce with a camera.


8. Pick the correct verb.

One of the students ___________ a prize.      wins       win

Neither Anna nor her friends ___________ going to the party.      is       are


9. Pick the correct verb form.

By tomorrow night, I ___________ my painting.

have finished       am finishing       will have finished

While I ___________, I sent a text message to Liam.

am studying       was studying       will have studied

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