Language Arts Worksheets:

3rd Grade Worksheets to Match Each Question:

1. Comparing with Adjectives and Adverbs

2. Compound Words

3. Connecting Words

4. End Punctuation

5. Homophones

6. Past Tense of Irregular Verbs

7. Possessives Nouns and Pronouns

8. Prefixes and Suffixes

9. Pronoun Antecedent Agreement

10. Spelling - Plurals and Past Tense

11. Subject Verb Agreement

12. Syllables

Language Arts Skills Testing and Assessment
for 3rd Grade

Questions from 12 different 3rd Grade Language Arts topics
Answer key included. Recommended level: 3rd Grade


1. Pick the best answer.

That's the ____________ Halloween costume ever!
scary        scarier        scariest


2. Write the two smaller words that make up the compound word.

bedroom    ______    ______

What's a compound word that means:

a ball made of snow    ______________


3. Pick the best connecting word.

The lobster was caught in the trap, _________ it was not hurt.
after        but


4. Add the correct end punctuation:    .    ?     or    !

Call an ambulance now__

5. Pick the correct word.

He was stung by a _________.        bee        be


6. Complete the sentence by adding the past tense.

Do you know what he ____________ yesterday?    find


7. Complete the sentence by writing in the missing possessive pronoun.

The books belong to the students. They are __________ books.


8. Fill in the missing prefix or suffix.

not usual:   ____usual        with or full of hope:  hope_____


9. Pick the right pronoun.

One of the boys lost _______ hat.        his        their


10. Write the plural for these words:

box _______            key _______           city _______              

Write the past tense for these words:

drop _______            rob _______           hum _______


11. Pick the correct verb.

Craters _______ much of the moon.        covers        cover


12. Break these words into syllables.

review                      basketball                          environment

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